Visit Wookey Hole & Cheddar...

Famous caves and one of England's most iconic landscapes...

Wookey Hole Caves and on to Cheddar Gorge

Wookey Hole Caves is for families with younger children.   Wookey Hole with its infamous Witch of Wookey is worth a visit. You can pass by on your way to Cheddar Gorge; the best route to take is via Priddy as you will be able to enjoy some beautiful scenery.  If you feel like a walk, pull in to Ebbor Gorge with its car park. This largely wooded Nature Reserve within an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is part of the Woodlands Special area of Conservation; there is a Main Gorge Scramble which is two kilometres, or a Woodland Ramble. As a side line there are 250 species of Mosses,  Live wart and Lichens  -many are quite rare. It may be possible to glimpse a butterfly, a white-letter hairstreak, a chalk hill blue or a brown Argus.   There a number of smaller caves that provide hibernacula roosts for the  rare  lesser and greater horseshoe bats.

Just a little further on is Deerleap which on a clear day a very good view point.  From here you can take a very scenic walk  varying in length and look over the Mendips to the Bristol Channel and also see Burrow Mump.

On to Cheddar Gorge one of England’s most iconic and spectacular landscapes. This is such a fine example of a limestone gorge rising 450ft. The caverns below  is not only a Nature Reserve but a famous site of Prehistoric man.  Seven attractions,  several caves to explore and stalactites adorn the caves.  Gough’s cave where Britain’s oldest skeleton ‘Chedder Man’  was found;  Cox’s  Cave and the  Crystal Quest are targeted to the younger person; climb the 272 steps up the side of the gorge and an extra 48 to the top of the look-out tower. Take a cliff-top walk if you wish for something more extreme;  see Cheddar rock climbing, taking you to the edge - than see how quickly you progress on the 50ft cliff face. The caving activity centre is Adventure Caving  which has  climbing, crawling, and squeezing;  this can be organised for you.

Bed & Breakfast Accommodation Near Wookey Hole & Cheddar

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